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It may seem a shameless form of self-promotion, but this is not the intention...

I noticed that, contrary to other sections of the POTC fandom, the Naval one distinctly lacks a "starter set", i.e. a list of recs for fics that someone new to Navyboys fangirling might read in order to form an opinion about what is going on in this corner of the fandom and enjoy it at its fullest.

I thought a lot about how such a list could be compiled, and I faced the awful dilemma "Should I ask the naval fans for suggestions or just post my list of personal favs?"

Suggestions from the fans are a frequently used solution for starter sets. But they are potentially at risk for the infamous "Big Fandom Name (BNF) bias" or other subtler ones related to the fav pairing/character popularity. On the other hand, if I just compiled *my* list of recs, those would ultimately reflect *my* tastes only and might not be applicable to other people.

So I said to myself: what if each of us who write/wrote naval POTC fics points out the story, chosen among all those she authored until now, that she thinks best represents her way of conceiving the naval fandom (and her writing style) ?

This way, each author would have a fair chance of being represented in the list and newbies would have, with a single click of their mouse, a representative panorama of this sector of the POTC fandom and of its writers.

However, I would maintain the possibility of free suggestions for those of the Navyboys fans who do not write fics or do not write for the POTC fandom. These persons could contribute pointing out the fic that triggered their interest for the naval fandom or that, whatever the reason, they think could be enjoyed by a Naval newbie.

So, if the idea appeals to you, please comment here with your own personal self-rec if you are an author or the rec for your fav naval fic if you are a reader.
The only requirement for inclusion is that the fic features at least one Naval character (Norrington, Gillette, Groves, Murtogg, Mullroy).

IMPORTANT ETA: A question by classics_lover made me realize that not all authors are monolithically focused on one pairing like I am, and that forcing them to choose a single fic would actually result in the potential users of this list forming a wrong idea of the authors' range of interests. So I'm now allowing TWO recs (not further negotiable limit *g*).
ETA 2 For further details the meaning of the term "Naval fandom" and the profile of the intended target users, please refer to the info of the Royal Navy of the Caribbean community (rnotc). Recs for post-CotBP fics are welcome, provided they generally adhere to the rnotc's standards.
To break the ice, here's my self-rec:

On a summers' afternoon,
by hms_dauntless
Characters: Elizabeth, Norrington, Gillette
Pairing: Gillington
Rating: PG-13 (just to be on the safe side)
Summary: Elizabeth is going to witness what I like to think of as one the strongest proofs of love in the world.

Additional self-rec:

by hms_dauntless
Characters: Gillette, Groves, Norrington
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Gillington (unrequired), Grovette, Norrington/original naval male character.
Summary: Lt. Gillette writes a letter to his best friend in Port Royal and tells him the truth about mermaids.

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