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The · Dauntless

is the power in these waters

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Title: Conversation in Port Royal
Main pairing: Norrington/Gillette
Rating: may vary depending on the chapter; NC-17 for the whole story
Setting: COTBP. Not DMC and AWE compliant. But I adopted a character deserving much more than the sequels allowed him.
Acknowledgements: Beta by potboy.

Chapter 2 (PG-13) can be found here (part 1) and here (part 2)

Previously posted chapters:
Chapter 1 (PG-13) can be found here (part 1) and here (part 2) (previously archived at my Wordpress blog, but I lack the time to manage more than one journal)

Author's note: Yes, I know: euphemistically put, it has been some time since I posted Chapter 1. I'm a snail writer and I've a job which swallows me alive. The story arc will develop across several chapters and of course there will be cliffhangers. However, each chapter is actually conceived as a self-standing entity exploring a different issue/period in the life of the major characters. So, feel free to read "Conversation in Port Royal" as a series of fictional sketches centered upon some CoTBP characters.
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Paintings by Thomas Gainsborough (my fav)

Paintings by Sir Joshua Reynolds

18th century art (various artists)

Previous post is here
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Breaking the silence to say a big thank you tojoyful_molly and lineae for their wonderful postcard from Greenwich.

The main reason why I almost never post/comment on LJ these days is that, my job apart, I'm pretty busy with giving the ultimate polishing to "Conversation in Port Royal: Chapter 2" (are you ready for a new onslaught of the English language, alex_beecroft ? ;) ). I'd like to keep in touch with my f-list but I'm unable to make the best of my scant writing time if I start surfing LJ entries. Moreover, background details and the secondary characters are requiring an insane amount of research and often I find myself absorbed by interesting blogs like The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide or lovely vids like the following "18th century fashion". Just a collection of paintings, but a feast for the eyes of any 18th century fan.

Hope you enjoy them too. :)
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The awful backpain which is plaguing my weekend is having an unexpected useful side effect. I cannot bend to pick up the new laptop I use to see DVDs nor stay on the settee and stun myself with TV. The only place I can comfortably sit is my desk and polishing the second part of Conversation on the old laptop (which, luckily was already on the desk when my back stopped working) is proving the only practicable option. So, Mr Norrington has finally sailed on HMS Eagle and is facing the the joys and horrors of a midshipman's life in a semi-decent English. (post not checked for typos and grammar because the old laptop does not particularly agree with Semagic).
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I think holidays are making me awfully lazy. read moreCollapse )
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I survived a house moving (with 40° C). The last week has been the most tiring and stressing of my whole life and I'm honestly glad all is finished. Having my earthly possessions collected into fifty boxes and seeing my Sony TV fly on a goods lift definitely affected my conceptions about human endurance. Luckily, (almost) all went as scheduled and the new place is now provided with all the basics for supporting human life, meaning there is gas in the kitchen, water runs out of the taps, the phone and the ADSL are working, and there is electricity in all the wires. I'm exhausted to say the least and I feel as if I could sleep for a couple of days on end.
I will attempt catch up with LJ in the next days but I'd be grateful for any heads up you may provide. Glad to be back online (and with no more boxes on my floor) :)
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"Lay medical knowledge in the eighteenth century: the evidence of the Gentleman's Magazine"
by R. Porter. Medical History, 1985, 29: 138-168

available here

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(pdf file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

I found this thesis while researching for Conversation in Port Royal and before leaving for a few days (nominally they're holidays, but it's actually a matter of having to help Mother with some burocratic matters) I thought that posting the link was a useful way to signal I'm still alive.
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veronica_rich' posted a lovely Gillette drabble: Fire
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